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To be a donor is to be a generous person. Donation is the most altruistic act that can be performed for others.

Becoming a donor

To become a donor means to give life. It is one of the most generous gestures that a human being can make.

When and how is donation possible?

Learn how the whole process of organ and tissue donation for transplant is carried out.

Living donation

Apart from a transplant proceeding from a deceased donor a patient can also receive an organ or tissue from a living donor.

Donation of...

Learn which organs, tissues and types of cells can be donated.


  • Hope

    If life faces you with the difficult experience of having a relative die, you can, in a gesture of infinite generosity, give others the life that your loved one has lost.

  • On the side of life

    When a simple decision can save many lives. A short film about organ donation.