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How to become a donor?

We explain you the different possibilities to become a donor

Be donor!

When a person considers the possibility of being a donor and deciding to donate their organs and tissues to be transplanted to help other people, the first thing to be done, and the most important, is to communicate their decision to family and close friends. They will be the first ones consulted about the possibility of donation after death, so as to respect the will of the donor.

It is also possible to fill in a donor card and carry it together with personal documents, as a testimony to the decision taken.

Becoming a donor is as easy as making the decision and communicating this to your family and people close to you.

The donor card is a symbol which helps to confirm the wish to donate organs and tissues at the moment of death. It is a card which does not commit the bearer to anything, and which can be eliminated at any time, if for any reason there is a change of mind.

The fact of carrying a donor card together with personal documents helps to confirm the decision.

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La Meva Salut is a personal digital space. It allows the users to have their own personal information related to health and other services on-line.

In this folder, you will be able, in the secction Voluntats i donacions, to become an organ and tissue donor and to consult the living will document if you have made it and registered it.

This decision will be visible also on the medical history, through the HC3 - shared clinical history of Catalonia and, in this way, health professionals have knowledge of your willingness to be a donor.


Donation in the folder "La Meva Salut"

Donation in your personal health folder "La Meva Salut"

According to the presumed consent law, a donor register is unnecessary. However, if you want to leave behind proof of your wishes you may choose to register your living will.


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  • Tríptic OCATT pdf icon [1,07 MB ]

    En aquest tríptic, a més del carnet de donant, trobareu informació bàsica i rellevant sobre la donació i el trasplantament d'òrgans, teixits i cèl·lules (nomès en català).