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When and how is donation possible?

Learn how the whole process of organ and tissue donation for transplant is carried out.

Circumstances of death

To be able to donate organs and tissues the donor must die in a hospital. The organs can be donated after irreversible termination of brain or cardio-respiratory function, with no possibility of recovery.

Donor evaluation

Once the donor?s death is certified, the medical transplant team will evaluate the organs and tissues which could serve to cure or improve the health of others.

Consent to donation

If donation is possible, the hospital transplant coordinator checks the wish expressed in life by the donor or consults the family.

Extraction of organs and tissues

The extraction of organs and tissues is performed under sterile conditions in a suitable operating theatre. It is an operation carried out by a team of qualified doctors and nurses.

Designation of organs and tissues

The distribution criteria of waiting lists is public, medical and consensual. They seek to combine the principles of beneficence and justice.